Is This New Stock-Predicting A.I.

What Elon Musk Warned About?

June 20, 2023 / Baltimore, MD

Not too long ago, one of the America's top computer programmers and data scientists launched Project An-E (pronounced Annie, short for Analytical Engine)… an A.I. stock forecasting system that can predict stock prices one month into the future with remarkable accuracy.

Just how accurate is An-E?

See for yourself…

At the end of last year, An-E was tasked with predicting the price of the stock of a company called Generac Holdings.

And this was its prediction…

The red "X" in this chart represents when An-E made its prediction. And those blue circles represent what An-E predicted Generac's price would be two weeks, one month, and two months into the future.

And this was the result…

The green line represents where Generac's stock actually went over the next two months.

As you can see An-E was nearly spot-on.

Here's another one of An-E's forecasts…

This is a company called Broadridge Financial Solutions. Ticker symbol BR.

And this is what actually happened…

Again, incredibly accurate.

And these are just two examples.

An-E makes these kinds of predictions every day for nearly 3,000 stocks.

Imagine the kind of money someone could make if they had that kind of predictive power.

As incredible as this sounds, what consequences could this create down the road?

Could this give someone too much of an advantage in the stock market?

Not too long ago, in an interview with a major news organization billionaire tech CEO Elon Musk warned folks about A.I.'s incredible ability to maximize profits.

Given the examples above it looks like An-E is showing strong indications of that ability.

Does this mean applications like An-E are going to soon completely change how we invest? And possibly even up--end big financial institutions like many of those found on Wall Street?

I recently tracked down the data scientist who invented An-E and sat down with him for an interview to find the answers to those questions… and see if there's a way for everyday folks to harness An-E's predictive power.

During the interview, he even shows what An-E is predicting the stock price of Elon Musk's company -- Tesla (TSLA) -- will be 30 days from now.

Watch that interview here.