Market Veteran’s Chilling New Warning:

Why 2022 Will Be The Year Baby Boomers Went BUST

September 27, 2022 | By Julie Devante, Host of Armchair Millionaire

Investor Mike Burnick is one of the greatest financial minds of our day.

That's why folks sat up and took notice when he announced a massive market event is set to occur in the closing months of 2022...

Which stands to wipe out 86% of the money you have saved.

The pain we've felt so far, he warns, is only the beginning:

"Something massive is happening right under our noses...

An event we'll look back on decades from now, as the moment most Baby Boomers... went bust."

You may have seen Mike featured on Barron's, CNBC, and Fox Business...

But what he said in our interview is something he's never shared with mainstream financial media.

Burnick confessed he's been using a new approach to make money in 2022. One that pinpoints stocks in the early innings of major upward price swings.

"When I combined my stock picks with this stock-picking approach, I got a 1,100% winner in the first 30 days."

With this approach, investors don't need to change what they are buying or how they are buying it, they only need to pay attention to WHEN they are buying. In this volatile climate, that's the number one oversight holding people back.

As we inch closer to the stock market calamity he's calling for, Mike says he feels extremely confident that this approach will be critical to helping people dominate volatility and move into 2023 flush with potential profits.

To catch the full interview while it's still available for free online, click here to watch the video.